Air Duct Cleaning: Symptoms That You Need One!

Air Duct Cleaning Symptoms That You Need One

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March 7, 2022

You get an amazing feeling of peace when you come to a tidy and maintained home. Cleanliness certainly plays a big role when it is about your home. Our floors, tiles, mattresses, and furniture are taken care of. However, there are these enclosed spaces, that need Air Duct Cleaning. These tiny Air Ducts are responsible for ventilating and keeping your home well.

Most of us aren’t very aware that our air ducts also need regular cleaning. This keeps airflow at our homes clean and natural. But, how can you determine that the air ducts need professional cleaning? There must be signs we understand and be aware of. Learn here about the symptoms of the air duct which says that it needs cleaning.

4 Warning Signs That Show Your Air Duct Needs Cleaning

As air ducts are concealed by the walls or flooring. Due to this, we must be a little bit more alert to realize the signs that indicate the need for air duct cleaning at your place.

1. Presence of Mold in HVAC System

If there is some black, gray, or brown color around the air filters, then it indicates the presence of mold. Unfortunately, this expresses a major problem and needs mold remediation to remove the mold from the air ducts.

However, if it is only growing inside the air ducts. Then hire a professional air duct cleaner to vacuum, clean, and sanitize the air ducts to remove mold’s presence.

2. Bad Smell At Home

A simple sign that indicates the need for air duct cleaning is an unpleasant smell at homes. Even if our clean home smells like skunk, there could be a heap of debris inside our air ducts.

To know for sure whether your air ducts stink? Stand close to the air vents and try smelling. An alternative way is to ask the air duct cleaner to inspect the inside of the air ducts for debris.

3. Dusty Homes

Few signs indicate the presence of ducts in air ducts. First, if the air conditioning system lets out a small puff of dust. Second, if we feel the air of the house is dusty, even if the house is squeaky clean.

Check the supply and return vents. Further, check if the dust covers the vent shield. If either or both the places are dirty, call on an air duct cleaning specialist to remove excessive dust.

4. Home Construction or Renovation

It is common for the air ducts to get clotted with debris after a major construction or renovation project. A lot of dust build-up happens at the time of construction. It is advisable to get your air ducts cleaned before you habilitate in your new or renovated home.

Get Fresh and Clean Air At Home By Professional Air Duct Cleaning!

If your home requires an air duct cleaning, Always rely on ABC Home Services near San Diego. Our air duct cleaning experts improve the indoor air quality (IAQ) of your homes and can add a lot of perks to air duct cleaning. We ensure to provide 100% satisfactory results to all our clients.

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