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With greener and economical energy solutions being introduced for households, homeowners have become more aware of the importance of high-quality options that also save energy bills. Cost-effectiveness is the top priority for families these days while going for installing or replacing any system in their houses. However, there is one essential area that is often overlooked by many households when it comes to replacing obsolete systems, which is the residential attic insulation. Installing new attic insulation can do the world of good to your energy costs in the long term. Here we explore why you should replace your old residential attic insulation, or install a new one if you don’t have any.

The first step in installing fresh insulation in the attic is to clean up the mess and/or remove the attic’s old insulation. This attic cleaning is necessary because many of the issues prior to installation are a result of some type of contamination in the attic. Cleanup is the only way possible to get rid of any contamination. This can include rodent excretions, or mold grown as a result of moisture in the attic. These contaminants can cause the air quality to be poor, and can cause ventilation issues.

Attic Insulation Installation San Diego

Why Attic Insulation Installation?

It has already been established that switching to a newer insulation system in your attic will lower your energy costs. Fresh residential attic insulation will also provide better thermal resistance and allow less heat to conduct into your house. So how exactly can you determine when to remove your attic’s old insulation and install a newer one?

There are certain signs that should be looked for which indicate the requirement of new insulation installation in your attic. If your energy bills are rising all of a sudden, you might need to check your attic insulation for signs of wear. Your insulation might be damaged due to external factors like excess moisture. It is also possible that the insulation has completed its optimal duration and isn’t ensuring energy efficiency anymore.

Another reason why you might need new insulation could be a rodent infestation in your attic. If your attic is housing rodents, you most certainly need attic cleanup, followed by a new insulation installation.

Our Attic cleaning service offers to completely remove your attic’s old insulation. Our insulation experts ensure that your attic is completely cleaned and your old insulation is properly disposed before work on installing new insulation begins. Our excellence makes us the leading name in attic insulation removal and other home improvement services in San Diego.

The Ideal Insulation Type and Amount for Your House?

There are several insulation types for your attic in the market currently. Each brings its own benefits to the household, and your choice of insulation should depend on your needs and your affordability. These types vary based on their material and their installation methods. Each material, however, can bring you significant attic insulation savings in terms of yearly energy costs.

In terms of installation methods, there are 2 popular techniques that are used to install insulation. The insulation is either rolled on the surfaces, or blown-in through a duct up to a certain depth. In blow-in attic insulation, fiberglass (or cellulose, depending on your material choice) is sprayed with a blower to cover your attic. Blow-in insulation is manufactured through recycled material and is a greener solution as it benefits the environment. It is also cost-effective and is easily capable of covering any cracks in the attic surface, not allowing any leakages that might damage the insulation.

Attic Insulation Replacement San Diego

Attic Insulation Installation Methods

In rolled technique, fiberglass insulation is unrolled on the surface. It is preferred for larger attics, as it is easier to cover large spaces with rolled insulation. The rolled installation also doesn’t require any equipment to be installed, and the process is relatively simpler. Besides fiberglass, other materials can also be used to make rolled insulation.

The blow-in attic insulation is a little convenient to install because hauling in the rolled insulation in the attic can prove to be a little tricky, and could waste a lot of time. Blow-in insulation can also provide better sound-blocking characteristics in noisy neighborhoods. However, blow-in insulation can prove tricky if there are a lot of obstructions in the attic (wires, pipes, etc.). This is because these obstructions need to be left uncovered while blowing the insulation, otherwise they’ll be hard to locate later on.

Insulation Materials and the Appropriate Amount

Based on materials, homeowners have a few choices with which to install attic insulation. In the end, it all comes down to maximizing the energy efficiency in the house. The energy efficiency of the insulation depends on the amount of resistance it offers to heat and cold. This resistance is denoted by the overall R-value given to the insulation.

Attic Insulation Experts San Diego

The recommended R-value of the insulation depends on the climate around the household. For colder climates, the overall value of the insulation should be at least R-60. But as we’re dealing with attic insulation in San Diego, which is relatively milder for most of the year, the recommended R-value for residential attic insulation here is R-30.

The R-value of each material is given per inch, and the depth of insulation in inches eventually depends on the recommended total R-value of insulation for your attic. So the exact amount of insulation that you require in your attic depends on the insulation material that you choose. The R-value for blow in attic insulation (fiberglass) ranges from 2.2 to 2.9 per inches. So the insulation depth required for an R-30 attic insulation in San Diego would range from 10” to 13.5”.

You can obviously choose other materials for your attic insulation to ensure energy efficiency. These materials include rolled fiberglass, blown cellulose, rock wool, and sprayed foam insulation. Each of these materials has a different R-value that varies based on the brand of the product. These values are generally in the range of 2-3.5. However, some foam spray insulation brands have R-values as high as 8, and require very few inches of insulation depth.

There is one question that arises here. Some households might be extra cautious and would want to stay on the safe side by installing an excess amount of insulation. Is installing too much insulation to ensure increased energy efficiency the right step to take? The answer is no. While insulation should fulfill the purpose of saving energy-related costs, it should in no way contribute towards inhibiting the air quality.

In earlier sections, we talked about the importance of a clean attic for high air quality in the house. If you fill up your entire attic with insulation, you will be inhibiting proper ventilation and as a result, the quality of air will drop in your house, which could cause health issues. This is because insulation can trap air, and if there is no room for the air to flow, it will also trap the moisture in the air. The accumulation of moisture in the insulation will degrade the entire insulation system and will cause the growth of mold, which will cause the air quality around the house to drop.

The accumulation of moisture will also reduce the efficiency of the insulation. Moisture tends to shrink the insulation, reducing its surface area, due to which it cannot provide the heat resistance that’s required. Therefore, too much insulation can prove harmful, and might even cancel the positive effects of installing it in your attic.

Our experts at ABC Home Services, Inc have complete knowledge of appropriate protocols for attic insulation installation San Diego and will provide you a full assessment of your attic before beginning with the insulation installation.

Can Insulation Be Installed Over Old Insulation?

Complete removal of old insulation in your attic is only recommended if it’s damaged beyond any use. The only instance when old insulation is recommended to be removed is when it has trapped moisture in it. The negative effects of moisture accumulation in insulation have already been discussed. However, if old insulation is not damaged, it is generally recommended that you install the newer layer over it, as it not only provides a solid foundation for new insulation, it also acts as a vapor barrier, restricting the moisture from being transferred from the walls/floor/ceiling to the newer layer.

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The cost of insulation installation depends on the type and amount of insulation that you choose. ABC Home Services, Inc experts will make a cost evaluation based on your attic space and will give you near-accurate estimates based on the most appropriate insulation method and material for your attic.

The cost of blow in attic insulation can vary from $2.00 to $3.50 per foot of insulation. The overall cost, covering the materials and labor, for this method of insulation would be in the region of $1800-$2000 for a normal-sized attic in San Diego.

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