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Your carpeting reflects the health of your home. The look and feel of your carpet can influence your day-to-day mood as well as your health. When cleaning your carpet our goal is simple: to restore the look and feel to the original condition.

Professional carpet cleaning San Diego is the only way to remove the dirt, bacteria, and microbes that accumulate deep in your carpet fibers. Our preferred process is recommended by carpet manufacturers and carpet fiber producers worldwide. However, each carpet is unique. To ensure success, we offer green treatment options suited to your carpet’s unique needs.

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Here is Our Carpet Cleaning Process

Step 1: Our service technician will inspect your carpets. He will note your carpet’s construction as well as soiling conditions. He will also advise you of any possible permanent stains.

Step 2: If needed, our technician will pre-vacuum your carpet to remove bonded dry soil. This cleaning is in addition to the vacuuming we perform later in the process.

Step 3: Our technician will pre-treat traffic areas and spots for effective soil and spot removal.

Step 4: Our technician will then use a hot water extraction machine, rinsing your carpet with treated water at temperatures ranging between 60-235 degrees, depending on fiber content and soiling conditions. Hot water treatment improves air quality by removing unhealthy pollutants, pollen, and dust mites from your carpet.

Step 5: Our technician will employ effective spot treatment techniques to eradicate any spots that survive the extraction process. Permanent spots will be noted during a final inspection.

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ABC Home Services, Inc is known for green friendly environment products to bring the outmost carpet cleaning results at your house. Our technicians treat the toughest of stains and ground-in dirt with the best products. To ensure your safety; to protect your investment and our environment, we use the best green cleaning solutions available.

Carpet Cleaning Service San Diego CA

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