How Do I Prepare For Duct Cleaning Service?

How Do I Prepare For Duct Cleaning Service

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April 27, 2021

Air ducts are the channels that provide air to every part of the property. These channels are connected to the HVAC systems from where they collect the air and send it to every room. 

But as time passes, dust, dirt, germs clog up the air ducts. As a result, you see a decrease in airflow as well as dirt and dust in it. This calls for one thing: air duct cleaning services.

However, most people have the same question: how do I prepare for duct cleaning? Well, here is an article to help you out. 

7 Steps To Prepare Your Home Before Air Duct Cleaning

⇒ Secure Your Pets

If you have pets in your house, then you should definitely keep them away from home. The noise produced during air duct cleaning irritates them and causes them to act out. So, secure them before the professional arrives.       

⇒ Clear Out Space 

Most of the time the air ducts are covered with house items or sometimes with weed. So, to not waste the time of professionals, clear off the weed and carry all the house items somewhere else.        

⇒ Talk To Air Duct Cleaners  

When the professional air duct cleaners come to your home, ask them about your doubts and the cleaning process. You should also ask them about myths surrounding air duct cleaning service to clear any lingering uncertainties.  

⇒ Cover All Your Furniture And Carpets  

When the air duct cleaners clean your ducts, all the dust and dirt collected inside gushes out from all the ducts. This dust then settles on your furniture and carpets and makes them dirty. So, cover them before cleaning your ducts.  

⇒ Wear A Mask  

As the air duct cleaning will continue in your home, you will notice dust everywhere. This can cause you to fall sick due to dust inhalation. That is why wear a mask during the cleaning process.

⇒ Look At The Safety Measures The Air Duct Company Uses

In these COVID times, all the air duct cleaning cleaners have to follow safety measures stated by the State. Check if they are following these rules. They should have a PPE kit, gloves, eye mask on.   

⇒ Sanitize Your Entire Home After Professional Leave

As there is dust everywhere, you can’t live in this unhealthy environment. So, the last step in the cleaning process is to clean and sanitize your entire home after the professional leave.

End Words:

The steps that you have read above are the most basic ones. Follow them and you will be set during and after professional air duct cleaning services. 

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