If you’ve recently noticed that your clothes take longer to dry than before, no need to look any further than your dryer to find the cause. Lint-filled ventilation can result in longer drying cycles, but it can also provoke a more serious problem – dryer fire.

Dryer Vents Cleaning Services

Even if home damage does not happen immediately due to clogged ducts, it wastes your time, energy, and money. Even inefficient dryers can be both time-consuming and expensive, costing up to $20 a month as a utility bill. Indeed, you can hire a specialist to clean the vent for you. So how do professionals clean dryer vents?

Details On How Do Professionals Clean Dryer Vents?

Step 1

The first and most important step is to cut the electricity to the dryer. They do not want to work on opening the ventilation while the appliance is drawing electricity. Therefore, the easiest and safest way to cut power is to turn the unit on.

Step 2

The next thing they have to do is find where the duct begins and ends. Most dryers will have a small 4-inch diameter exhaust that connects to the ducts through an aluminum elbow. Hot air passes through those pipes and leaves your home through an opening in an outside wall.

Step 3

Next, they remove all clips or metal tape so the dryer vent pipe can be pulled free from the exhaust pipe. If you own a dryer that runs on natural gas, they will be extremely careful to not disturb the dryer’s gas line when disconnecting the power. A gas leak is serious and is always supposed to be looked after by a professional.

Step 4

Then remove the duct cover from the exit point to the outside so that they have free access to the entire duct. The dryer ventilation brush set is provided with a lint brush and flexible sections that they can connect depending on the length of your dryer channels.

Step 5

They insert the vent brush into the ductwork and rotate counterclockwise while pushing the brush as far as it will go under the dryer nozzles. If more length is needed to get to the other end of the duct then another segment is added to the brush kit. The brush should loosen lint that has lodged in the ducts.

Step 6

Clean all lint from ducts with a vacuum cleaner. (Warning – this can be a lot!) Use the flexible hose fitting to clean the openings at both ends and the lint filter. Repeat as necessary until there is no more lint to remove.

Step 7

Connect all the parts of the dryer together and turn it on. Then run the test before moving it into place. Make sure all ventilation openings remain connected and there are no gas leaks if your dryer runs on natural gas. Bad connections can lead to problems later.

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