How Often Should Air Ducts Be Cleaned In Your Household

How Often Should Air Ducts Be Cleaned In Your Household

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May 12, 2022

Cleaning your air ducts can be really time-consuming and hard for DIY. As it can pollute the inner atmosphere of the house which can be dangerous if not taken care of. As per rules, homeowners are required to clean the air ducts every 3 to 4 years if you less than usual traffic in your house.

If you have pets, or children and have ongoing parties in the house you might need air duct cleaning services once or twice a year. If there is normal traffic in your house at least have a service once a year. Here are some reasons for how often air ducts should be cleaned in any household.

Why Often Air Duct Cleaning Is Necessary?

We all know air duct cleaning is vital to keep your home atmosphere healthy and natural. There are several reasons why you should choose air duct cleaning, here are some main reasons which can change your opinion on DIY.

Provides Better Air Quality

About 60% of people live indoors all the time like old people, women, children, and pets. A better air quality index is required to protect from harmful diseases. If your air ducts are not maintained properly these contaminants and pollutants will move inside your house freely and can cause harmful diseases.

Professional air duct cleaning can help to prevent those diseases and also provides a better air atmosphere in your home to make your surroundings more natural.

Mold And Mildew Prevention

Air ducts are mostly present in dark and cold places where there are more chances of finding mold and mildew. So when the condensation starts in your HVAC system it becomes more favorable for mold and mildew to grow. Some kind of protection is required to prevent these situations.

However, having clean air ducts can help reduce the chances of these potentially hazardous pollutants growing within your home.

Reduction Of Allergens

As we all know, people are allergic to many different types of things. Many allergens, such as pet dander, pollen, and dust mites, are dispersed through the air and can come inside your home’s atmosphere. They quickly get surrounded by the air ducts and will be blown into the house as soon as the switch turns on.

The allergy accumulation will be cleared when your air ducts are maintained, which can technically help you prevent any allergic attack for some period of time. It can be a huge help to people who are sensitive to allergens.

Extracts Lingering Odors 

Nobody wants to live in a smelly house. It can make spending time inside your home undesirable while also avoiding visitors. The easiest way to remove any kind of smell is to remove the source of the smell and clean it thoroughly. They can easily travel all over the house through air ducts very fast.

After removing the source if your smells are not eradicated then you probably need a professional service. They can use company equipment and guarantee us a natural and sanitized home.

Saves Money And Energy

When dust, pollen, and other pollutants accumulate in your air ducts, your HVAC system will have to work harder to deliver cool air around your home. Your energy bill may increase significantly when your HVAC system consumes more energy to maintain a pleasant temperature in your house.

After the cleaning services, no additional force is required to provide cool air around the house, which will eventually use less energy and save you more money in the long run.

Signs You Need Air Duct Cleaning 

Many times people think there is no need for air duct cleaning if you have hired air duct cleaning services once a year. Sometimes they might also need services more than 2 to 3 times due to high traffic area the whole year. Here are some signs which can help you determine whether you need a cleaning service or not.

  • If Your Vents And Ducts Are Clogged In Dust And Debris
  • Unpleasant Odors From Ducts
  • Unstable Or Poor Airflow In The House
  • Air Filters Become Clogged
  • Mold Or Mildew Around Your System
  • Increased Energy Bills

If you are wondering how often should air ducts be cleaned by professionals? It could be determined by several steps. Professionals are above par in these situations and can handle different problems very effectively. They are well trained to give satisfactory services to all our clients. Call them for a free quote or information.

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