How To Clean Your Dryer Vent?

How To Clean Your Dryer Vent

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May 11, 2021

One of the most important home fire hazards may be a dirty dryer vent. A clogged dryer duct might not lead to damage to your house right away, but it’s still going to waste your time, energy, and money.

A dryer connected to vents crammed with lint, dust, and dirt won’t work well either. Most of the time your dryer isn’t at fault, the dirty vent is the one to be blamed. Hence, knowing how to clean your dryer vent might come in handy?

Know How To Clean a Dryer Vent in 5 Easy Steps:

Step 1:

First, try to locate where your vent is and where it ends. Most dryer units may have a short 4-inch diameter exhaust. This exhaust should be connected to ductwork inside the wall through an aluminum elbow. Hot air travels through these metal pipes and is released through a gap on an outdoor wall of your house.

Step 2:

Now that you know your duct’s start and endpoints, the next step is to disconnect the dryer. First, unplug the machine’s cord from the wall outlet. Next up, remove metal tape or clamps keeping the dryer vent pipe fixed. If your dryer is electrical, you ought to be ready to push the appliance out of the way with no issues. This will open up more space to work.

Step 3:

This should give you clear access to the dryer duct opening at the laundry room wall. Vacuum inside a portion of the duct. Use a hose extension, if available to vacuum out as much as possible. Go outside the house and take away the outside vent cover. Clean out the dryer vent from the surface employing a vacuum.

Step 4:

After everything is tidy, put everything back the way it had been with one exception. If your dryer has been using a soft foil-style vent this whole time, this is when you get rid of it. These hoses are a known fire risk. Replace the first semi-rigid venting with a pair of 90-degree aluminum elbows. Adjustable yet hard, they’re durable and supply the simplest airflow period.

Step 5:

To test the dryer, run it for a minimum of 15 minutes on the fluff or air-dry setting to form sure all the connections are strong and to dislodge any remaining debris. A quick trial run post-cleaning can confirm that the appliance had regained all its power.

Searching Top-Notch Dryer Vent Cleaning Services?

If the instructions given were insufficient, consider hiring a dryer vent cleaning service. We at ABC Home Services have experienced employees who will provide you the best services possible to clean your dirty dryer vents.

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