Is Adding Insulation To Attic Worth It?

Is Adding Insulation To Attic Worth It

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May 25, 2021

No matter how big or small your house is, everyone needs proper attic insulation. Having them working properly keeps the temperature of the house pleasant. Plus, this is incredibly important if you live in a colder region.

Yet, many ask if adding insulation to the attic worth it. Well, of course, it is worth every penny you invest in it. A properly functioning attic insulation will only make your home cozier.      

What Is The Best Type of Insulation For An Attic? 

Insulation materials used for an attic depend on the type of attic insulation installation method the professionals use at your place. However, the most common attic insulation installation methods are batt and blown-in.   

⇒ Batt

This type of attic insulation comes in rolled-up sheets of interweaving fiberglass or mineral wool fibers. Adhesive binders keep all the fibers in place. It can be in the form of paper or reflective foil backing, as both works as a vapor barrier.

You can use this attic insulation installation method when the attic has zero obstruction on the floor, no installation of any insulation before, and when the structural area joints are evenly spaced.    

⇒ Blown-In

This type of attic insulation installation method is also known as loose-fill. The blown-in materials are packaged in large bags containing tiny bits of insulation material. It mainly uses fiberglass, cotton, and mineral wool.

Blown-in attic insulation offers many benefits. You can use this to fill in spaces in your attic insulation. This would make your insulation sound without having to reinstall the whole damn thing. 

How Adding More Insulation Makes A Difference?

⇒ Improves The Efficiency of The Entire Insulation System

In case there are holes or tears in the insulation system, adding more to it will cover them well. Hence, the system’s dipped efficiency will again go up. Your home would be warmer and more comfortable.

⇒ Lowers Energy Bills

If your attic insulation isn’t working the way it should, then adding more insulation to it makes sense. This will help you to lower the energy bills as the usage of the heating system will go down.

Professionals To Help You Install Attic Insulation Properly!

Attic insulation is not a DIY project. It needs careful planning and execution. Hence, you need to take the help of attic insulation installation experts from ABC Home Services. We use the most advanced techniques and materials to provide people in San Diego with great attic insulation. 

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