Why Is Attic Ventilation Important In Winter?

Why Is Attic Ventilation Important In Winter?

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June 16, 2021

Attic ventilation is one such thing that many homeowners forget that it exists. This is because not many of them go upstairs to check on their attic and its condition to know what is going on upstairs. This is where they go wrong.

Why is attic ventilation important in winter you may ask? A nicely-ventilated attic saves your home from various issues such as mold growth, frost, wood rot, moisture problem on the roof decking, ice dams, etc.

What Happens If Your Attic Is Not Vented During Winter?

During winters, you keep your door and windows closed to keep the ice-cold wind and snow outside. At the same time, your heater is ON on full-blast mode to keep your home warm and comfortable.

However, over time, the heat gets trapped inside the home as it has no way to get out with all the windows and doors closed. As a result, it rises from the room level to the attic.

Now, excessive heat trapped inside the attic with zero ventilation, after a while, turns to moisture. And with moisture comes issues of mold growth, decaying of wood, roof, house’s structure, and the items stored in the attic.

If you have proper attic ventilation in place, it will let free flow of air from inside to outside to balance out the temperature. Thus, you will notice an even temperature inside your home.

It will also help to prevent hot and cold spots and stop your damages due to ice dams. Further, this will also avert the growth of mold and mildew, thus keeping your family safe from health issues causing mold spores.

Lastly, with appropriate attic ventilation, homeowners need to add insulation to the attic. Attic insulation will not only absorb the excess moisture but will also improve the indoor air quality and comfort level.

Seek Professional Help Here!

Now that you know why is attic ventilation important, if your home lacks it, then call professional attic insulation technicians from ABC Home Services. We provide adequate solutions for attic ventilation to maintain your home’s comforts.

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