Helpful Notes On Why Attic Insulation is Important

Helpful Notes On Why Attic Insulation is Important

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December 27, 2021

Helpful Notes On Why Attic Insulation is Important

If you notice cold floors, fluctuating temperatures, or higher utility rates, the insulation on the walls and lofts may be insufficient. The idea of an attic insulation services is certainly regional. Insulation is not exactly a one fit. It all depends on the climate.

Proper thermal insulation of the attic may require the help of an attic insulation company and in some cases an energy diagnostic plan. Still, it helps to educate yourself so that you can get your wisdom when getting a quote from an insulation company.

We put together an easy guide with some general knowledge about why attic insulation is important and to catch you up to speed before you meet with your insulation contractor.

How Does Insulation Work?

In cold months, heat flows from the warmer areas of your home to warmer places, including your attic, basement, garage, and even outdoors. Your heating system must replace lost heat. In summer, heat comes from outside of your home and your air conditioner works to remove excess heat.

Insulation withstands this flow of heat and helps your home balance the heat and cold, reducing your electricity bills. The ability of an insulating material to slow down the flow of heat is measured in thermal resistance or R-value. A higher R-value means that the product provides a stronger barrier to temperature flow, which leads to better insulation.

Why Do I Need To Save My Attic?

Insulation is a layer of material that fits and sticks between the inner and outer parts of a wall, roof, and floor of a structure to help reduce the internal temperature. Stuck insulation is especially important because most of the hot and cold air comes in and out of the roof and ceiling. Properly installed attic insulation helps to minimize the effect of outdoor temperature fluctuations on the interior of the house, which stays cool in summer and warm in winter.

For houses in warmer regions of the country, you should pay particular attention to the underside of the roof, not just the attic. This adds an extra layer of protection and helps keep the regulated heat in the attic. Another benefit you’ll see in the summer months is a drop in your electricity bill as your air conditioner doesn’t work overtime.

Benefits Of Installing Attic Insulation In Your Home

  • Keeps your home cool in the hot months and warm in the winter
  • Saves you money on your electricity bill
  • Provides a buffer between you and the outside components
  • Reduces energy consumption
  • Reduces greenhouse gases
  • Limits the pressure on your HVAC system
  • Can double as soundproofing

How Much Insulation Does Attic Need?

Any professional attic insulation contractor will want to look at your existing insulation to see how much you need or if the old insulation needs to be replaced. Most homes require 19 inches (48.26 cm) of fiberglass insulation for optimal efficiency.

Top-notch Attic Insulation Services Near You

ABC Home Services fills the gaps in your deteriorating insulation by installing more effective cellulose insulation over your existing insulation or directly between the loft beams and you will see the difference what attic insulation makes in your home.

The product we use is certified and consists of 85% recycled materials, are flame-retardant, and noise reduction. For more information and bookings follow our website.

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