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Package Details

Here is the details of all our holiday’s special cleaning packages
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Our Work Description

  • 1 HVAC unit up to 12 Supply Vents + 1 Return Vent.
  • Each additional Supply vent is $40.00
  • Each additional Return Vent $65.00
  • Residential Dryer Vent Cleaning
Air Duct Cleaning Escondido

Below is A Work Description Performed For Each Unit

⇒ We will start with a pre-inspection of the dryer duct looking for damages, proper connection, and conditions of the flex duct. We will check the air velocity outside with the dryer running prior to the cleaning process.

⇒ The Insertion of a 4” – 6” brush into the dryer duct will be made releasing all lint and debris from the dryer unit all the way to the dryer duct exit point (side or roof of the building).

⇒ High air pressure and Positive/Negative pressure will be used to Pressurize the entire run of the duct to thoroughly clean and clear the duct of any blockage and excess lint.

⇒ A vacuum may be used to remove and dispose of lint and debris from the cleaning process.

⇒ Inspect and clean flexible transition duct.

⇒ Clean back of dryer and dryer exhaust duct.

⇒ Conduct the final air velocity check and make sure the dryer is working correctly and efficiently.

Air Duct Cleaning – Residential


We will Perform a visual pre-inspection of the entire ducting system and ventilation components. We will inspect for any damages, disconnect in the ducting, and any possible air leakage.

Equipment Setup:

We will cover all registers except the one we are working on in order to create an intense suction and prevent loosened particles such as dust, light debris and dead skin from spreading through the work area. A 3000 – 5000 CFM high-volume industrial negative pressure machine will be attached to one main air vent of the system creating negative pressure through the entire ventilation system.

Cleaning Process:

We insert a specialized spinning power brush or air scrubbing tentacle whip along with 180psi compressed air through each vent in order to loosen and clean the inside of the ducts from all dust and debris. This process allows all contaminants to be suctioned out through a 4-stage HEPA filter negative air pressure machine.

During the Cleaning Process:

In the rare event that we discover any damaged ducts, hazardous material, or abnormalities to the system: All work will be stopped in that area and recommendations will be made to the building manager or homeowner.

If any of the duct-work needs to be repaired or replaced, an on-site quote will be provided.

(Replacement or repair will be an additional charge based on approval).

Completion of the Job:

Remove all protective covers from registers. Vacuum Floors and Disposal of any debris generated during the cleaning process.


The final walkthrough will be completed to ensure all work areas are clean and all systems are in working order.

Tools and Equipment using:

  • Negative air machine 3000 & 5000 CFM.
  • Dual Motor HEPA Vacuum 5 and 2 stage filtration system.
  • Cobra Power Brush System 36’. (depending on type of ducts)
  • Tentacles Air Whip System. (depending on type of ducts)
  • Specialize Hand Brushes.
  • Air Compressors 155 & 180 PSI.
  • Air Tools, Eight Whip Nozzle, Forward Flow Air Nozzle, Reverse Whip.

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