What Are The Steps Involved in Professional HVAC Installation?

What Are The Steps Involved in Professional HVAC Installation?

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December 1, 2021

Finding out that your air conditioning or heating system is not functioning properly is every homeowner’s worst nightmare. Especially if you’re in the midst of a bitterly cold winter or the sweltering summer heat. So you must be wondering how to find the perfect unit for your home. And the next important decision is your HVAC Installation, which comes after the hard work of finding and selecting the proper replacement unit for your home.

What Is Involved In HVAC installation?

When you decide on HVAC System Installation, know its features and pricing aspects before. This system includes a small duct heating and cooling system designed to fit in the constrained structure limitations. The single cabinet blower and coil air handler are the heart of this unit. So, learn about the professional HVAC installation steps.

1. Do proper load calculation

The first step is to determine the total space that will be covered by your HVAC system for installation. For that, the professionals will measure the size of every room and also check the air circulation in it.

While there is no meaning to install the incorrect size of a system where the heating or cooling requirements don’t meet. Else, it will create problems like discomfort, inefficiency, costly repairing, or an unexpected breakdown.

2. Find a suitable location to install the fan coil unit

Locate the fan coil unit in an unconditioned place like an attic, garage where it stays protected from the weather. Mainly, there are two types of fan coil units – horizontal and vertical cabinets.

Moreover, consider the location of the return air filter box and duct. The other important components are the 9-inch inside diameter plenum, air supply tube, refrigerant lines, and condensate drain lines.

3. Recommend and install the right HVAC products

While installing the furnace and air conditioner units, make sure to connect them properly with the ductwork. Also, attach them with a reliable power source unit in your home.

The return air box fits between the joists which are 16 inches in the center with a 14-inch width. Make sure that you do not install the return air box until the installation of the system is over. Because you may need to pass materials for installing the unit through this opening only.

4. Inspect and test the working of the system

Once you have installed all the supply Air Conditioning Installations, begin to install your return air duct and return air box. Then, insert the return air box into the return air opening that you have cut earlier.

Fasten the frame with four screws from the holes provided on the long side of the box. Also, insert the return air grille into the box. Then, again fasten it with the four screws provided. Finally, test the working of your HVAC installation system.

Hire The Best Professional HVAC Installation Services?

As you have seen the above-mentioned steps for HVAC Installation, so you are clear with all the things required in it. However, hiring a professional team like ABC Home Services would be the best decision for you. We have been servicing specialized HVAC services and air duct cleaning in San Diego for more than 25 years.

So, call us at 619-599-8223, to book your appointment. Follow our Facebook and Twitter pages for more updates on HVAC unit services.

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