Why Is Dryer Vent Cleaning Important?

Why Is Dryer Vent Cleaning Important?

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March 21, 2022

Did you realize that dryer vent fires cost around $35 million in residential damage each year? In fact, did you realize that dryer vent cleaning and upkeep may have avoided 33% of such fire incidents?

Furthermore, dryer vent cleaning not just prevents potential fires, but also improves the dryer’s performance. The dryer ductwork uses extra power to do a small quantity of effort when it is clogged with lint and particles. A blocked vent generates additional heat, which could result in a fire.

As a result, it’s critical to maintain the dryer vent tidy. But how do you get there? The lint tubes can be changed regularly. Hire expert dryer vent cleaners once a year for more good scrubbing and upkeep.

Warning Signs That Suggests Its Time For Dryer Vent Cleaning

1. Drying Time Has Increased

A batch of laundry would take no more than 35 to 40 minutes to dry, but dryers with a blocked outlet may take even longer to dry. Dryer vents force warm, humid air from machines, allowing them to draw in additional dry air and continue drying garments efficiently. Because wet air from the washing operation has nowhere to go if the dryer outlet is clogged, it consumes energy. This in turn raises your electricity costs and grinds out the heat exchanger and compressor in your dryer prematurely.

If your garments aren’t dry after a typical drying cycle, the dryer exhaust pipe should be inspected for lint. Mold or mildew developing on moist surfaces can also give off a musty odor. Hire professional dryer vent cleaning to get the mold and trapped lint out of the clogged vents.

2. Burning Smell In Laundry Room

Lint is most likely to blame if your dryer emits a burning odor. Laundry lint is extremely combustible, and the burnt odor originates from minute pieces of lint getting extremely hot in either the chamber or dryer pipe. Lint could also burst into flames if it gets too hot. If anything stinks like it’s flaming around your dryer, shut it off before it’s examined by a dryer vent cleaning company.

3. Clothing Is Hot To Touch

Isn’t it meant to be warm and clean out of the dryer? Incorrect. If your clothing – or your dryer – is significantly uncomfortably hot after a session, it signifies the dryer isn’t effectively venting. Everything becomes overheated, which is not a healthy situation. Thus, consult a residential dryer vent cleaning company for an inspection of your equipment. They are in the position to tell you about any other defects apart from clogged dryer vents.

4. Lower Efficiency

Lint in the exhaust may begin to obstruct the heated, humid air that the machine has to exhaust outdoors your property. Whenever this occurs, your dryer may have to operate for extended periods to accomplish its task. As a result, you will be compelled to use more power. You’ll experience a rise in your regular electricity bills as a result of this. Cleaning the vent can restore your dryer’s performance to 100 percent. A commercial dryer vent cleaning firm will have the required equipment and expertise to clean vents effectively.

5. Lint Coming Out Of External Vents

The vapor from your machine leaves your residence through the exterior vent outlet. The majority of outdoor vent apertures are 6 inches broad. You must clean your dryer exhaust mechanism if you find lint or dirt surrounding the inlet or emerging from it. If the pipe curtain flap on the exterior vent hole doesn’t move whenever the dryer is running, lint has clogged or hindered the device’s airflow, and it must be serviced. This is a tell-tale sign that your machine needs dryer vent cleaning.

How do I know if my dryer vent needs cleaning?

Don’t put it down to old age if your laundry washer has started experiencing symptoms. Your equipment may be attempting to warn you that a dryer vent cleaning is on the way. Dryer vent cleaning may appear to be a tedious task, if you’ve not performed it in a long time (over a year), you must put it on the chore list right away.

Apart from this, the above signs are sufficient to be able to conclude that a dryer vent cleaning is required. By paying heed to these signs and having timely cleaning, you could save yourselves from a fire hazard later.

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